Yi-Hsin Erica Tsai


After finishing my Ph.D. in 2009 with Paul Manos at Duke, I completed the first part of my NSF bioinformatics postdoc with Bryan Carstens and Kyle Harms at LSU. Then I finished the postdoc with Jason McLachlan at Notre Dame. Now I am working with Erin Tripp at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Brief Biography

After briefly contemplating a musical career playing the oboe, I dove into my studies of natural science. My interests in evolutionary biology were encouraged and developed as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After 20+ years in northern Colorado, I moved to Durham, North Carolina, where I learned a lot about fried food, deciduous trees, and other things southern. Having survived the NC summers, I got cocky and moved further south to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I learned how to be happy while sweating. Eventually, the call of the mountains became too great, and I recently returned home to Colorado. In general, I’m a fan of unclear sarcasm, eating bad-for-you foods, and reading Agatha Christie.